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Tuna 5 Oz

Bright red firm textured tuna. Great to grill, sear, or eat raw.

Shrimp, Bacon Wrapped

Shrimp, Bacon Wrapped Elevate your seafood indulgence with our Bacon Wrapped Shrimp. Merging the tender succulence of shrimp with the smoky richness of bacon, this combination promises a gastronomic experience that’s both savory and unforgettable. What’s Inside: Bacon Wrapped Shrimp: Each shrimp is meticulously wrapped in a strip of premium bacon, ensuring a harmonious blend […]

Shrimp 51/60 Per

Shrimp 51/60, Per Lb – Tail & Shell Off Dive into the tantalizing world of seafood with our Shrimp, sized 51/60 per pound. Expertly prepared with both the tail and shell removed, these shrimp promise a hassle-free culinary experience, allowing you to focus on the flavors and your creations. What’s Inside: Shrimp 51/60: These medium-sized […]

Atlantic Salmon Raw

Atlantic Salmon, Raw Embark on a journey of rich flavors and sumptuous textures with our Raw Atlantic Salmon. Celebrated for its buttery taste and health benefits, this salmon promises a culinary experience that’s as nutritious as it is delicious. What’s Inside: Atlantic Salmon: This premium fish is known for its vibrant color, tender flesh, and […]

Shrimp 16/20 Per

Shrimp 16/20, Per Lb – Tail On Experience the succulence and rich flavors of the ocean with our Shrimp, sized 16/20 per pound. Retaining the tail for added presentation and flavor, these shrimp provide a gourmet touch to any dish they grace. What’s Inside: Shrimp 16/20: These generously-sized shrimp, with approximately 16 to 20 pieces […]

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