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2 NY Strip

Steak & Wings Combo Pack Satisfy both your steak and wing cravings with our Steak & Wings Combo Pack. This pack brings together the robust flavors of our NY Strip with the succulent taste of our raw wings, ensuring a delightful meal experience. What’s Inside: Steaks: 2 mouth-watering NY Strip steaks, known for their tenderness […]


Mix & Match

Indulge in a carefully curated selection of the finest cuts and meats, tailored to your preference. This package allows you to choose from a range of premium options to create your ideal meat feast. What’s Inside: Steaks: Choose 2 from our succulent NY Strip, delicate Filet, or rich Ribeye steaks. Chicken: Opt for 2 pounds […]

Raw Chicken Package

Raw Chicken Package Delight in the versatility of chicken with our comprehensive Raw Chicken Package. Handpicked and freshly packed, this selection caters to every chicken dish you might have in mind, ensuring top-notch quality and flavor. What’s Inside: Chicken Breast: 2 pounds of our premium chicken breasts, known for their lean profile and tender meat. […]

Tuna Butcher Package

Tuna Butcher Package Discover a diverse range of premium meats and seafood with our Tuna Butcher Package. This handpicked selection combines the best of land and sea, offering a rich tapestry of flavors tailored for the discerning palate. What’s Inside: Tuna: 1 pound of fresh tuna, portioned into four 4oz cuts. Ideal for searing or […]

Bacon & Sausage

Bacon and Sausage Package Indulge in a savory pairing of classic favorites with our Bacon and Sausage Package. Thoughtfully curated, this package brings together the rich, smoky flavors of bacon with the hearty, spiced notes of our fresh-made kielbasa. What’s Inside: Kielbasa: 2 pounds of our freshly made kielbasa, crafted using a traditional recipe that […]

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